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Animeartbooks.net was previously known as Celestial Star Gallery, which opened in 2005. We offer high quality images from artbooks from various anime series, games,illustrations, etc.

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  • Total images: 6,813
  • Total downloads: 39,650,101
  • Albums: 229
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All artworks in this gallery are copyright of their respective authors and its companies that are no way related with this gallery, thus we're not giving any restriction on the usage of them and if you use them, do it at your own risk. If you use the images, you do not need to link back here, though it's greatly appreciated. We do not claim to own or create any of the characters and artworks displayed here. No copyright infringement intended.
Images in this gallery are to be used for educational and personal uses only. You can purchase the original books from online stores such as AnimeBooks.

Terms of service

  • Please, give credit to the actual artists when using the images. If the artist is not provided, please contact me so that I can fix it, or if you know the artist of an album that is not provided, please let me know.
  • Please do not put Image © Animeartbooks.net, we do not own the copyright of the images in this gallery.
  • Do not direct-link the images in this gallery (you won't be able to do it anyways).


Scanner credit is provided on each album, if available.


Contained in this gallery there are many artbooks that belong to Hentai anime and manga, however, I've selected and cropped all images one by one and removed any hentai explicit image, leaving only those with "clean" content. There is soft nudity on the gallery, but not Hentai.

Same happens with Yaoi and Yuri content, although I'm not a fan of them, there may be some since people do like them. Again, no explicit images are uploaded here at all.

If anyways, you see an image or images that you feel that shouldn't be here because of their graphical content, please contact me.

The information on this page will be modified when deemed necessary.
Last modified: February 09 2020.